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To Drive You, To Inspire You

When you work out in a class you work harder, it's only natural. We're social animals, but we're also competitive and need motivation. We provide an extensive range of classes to suit all tastes and all levels of fitness. Our instructors are all professionally trained to the highest certification and are there to teach you and inspire you. If you've never tried a class, try one today and notice the difference after just one session.


We practice two types of yoga; Hatha & Vinyasa yoga that help with both mind and body purification. More


All our Pilates classes incorporate an holistic approach towards improved posture, flexibility and internal strength using natural movement patterns whilst focusing on breathing and heightened body awareness More


Our popular Zumba classes give you a full exhilarating work out with its new world rhythms and dance. More


BOSU® is great for strengthening and reshaping your body to meet those tough fitness challenges and reconditioning. More


All our Bike classes give you an intense and enjoyable group workout keeping you in peak physical condition More


A powerful and energetic group workout that combines a variety of martial arts with music driving you along. More


A classic group workout that will tone and strengthen your body with its weights and high repetition movements. More

Octane X

A relatively new and popular fitness class that combines elliptical cardio training with weight training. More

Free Motion

Using pulleys and extendable cables Free Motion focuses on natural movements whilst increasing strength and power. More


TRX is a popular resistance and movement exercise routine that develops flexibility, speed and strength. More


The classic group fitness class that gives you a great all-body workout set to music that increases your fitness. More

Power Step

Power Step uses a vibrating plate under your feet using your body as resistance as you keep your balance. More